Documentations & FAQ


For further information on medication circuit security, Mdose has provided the following

  • The PDA solutions for dispensaries

  • The PDA solutions for care homes

  • Guide on crushable medication

  • Report by the Pharmacists Academy


  • What is medication nonadherence?

    One of the most common medication errors made by private individuals is the nonadherence to the treatment prescribed by the doctor. This error is sometimes unintentional and caused for example by forgetfulness, but it is also very often intentional.  The patient, influenced by different emotional, cognitive, behavioural and social factors, will intentionally not comply.

    The Heb’Dose solution comprising of the Mbox and its accompanying therapeutic information sheet aims at providing pharmacists with tools to alleviate this intentional nonadherence, by accompanying the patient in a better understanding of his treatment and thereby encouraging his acceptance.

  • How does the Heb’Dose PDA provide tools to combat medication errors?

    The Heb’Dose solution puts into place a medication circuit that is secure and traced at all stages: from the preparation in the pharmacy until administration in the care home or at the patient’s home. The Secur’Dose software has been designed to avoid transferring (deferring?) prescriptions, facilitate communication with the health institution, avoid preparation errors, and print the data on different supports (delivery notes, labels…) enabling in this way a continuous circulation of information right up to the patient’s bed at the time of administration. The ergonomics of the pill dispensers, their storage and distribution materials have been designed to make the nurse’s work easier, limit the transfer of medication and encourage the autonomy of the elderly in effectively taking their medication.

  • What is medication iatrogenisis?

    Medication iatrogenisis is a major public health problem, responsible for more than 10 000 deaths and 130 000 hospitalisations every year in France. It is caused by unavoidable events which can be linked to a product, and/or the patient, but also avoidable incidents which are usually the result of a series of dysfunctions generally known as medication errors. Medication errors can be defined as follows “all errors occurring within a medication circuit, whatever the stage where it happens (prescription, dispensation, preparation or administration), whoever the actor in the medication circuit that makes the error (doctor, preparer, nurse, patient or carer) whether it be due to the medication circuit design, its organisation or the communication within, and whatever the consequences.”

  • How does the Heb’Dose solution guarantee the health security of reconditioned medication?

    The blister used is manufactured in France in a clean-room environment, and is certified for contact with food. The preparation is for 7 days, so respects the recommendations in the case of deconditioning.

    Medication which should not be deconditioned, such as orodispersible or effervescent tablets are managed independently, not in the blister.

    Prolonged release medication and medication that must not be crushed is automatically placed in non-crushable cavities. The information is also noted on the therapeutic information sheet accompanying the Mbox in the case of preparation for the home.

  • Do you have a Care Home/Pharmacy agreement?

    We are able to generate a standard agreement dependant on the administration method of the establishment. A downloading link will be provided once the information request coupon has been completed.


  • What does the Hotline cost?

    Software assistance is unlimited and free with remote servicing during office hours. A downloadable user’s guide is also available in the Secur’Dose software. Video tutorials are also available in the software.

  • What training is available for the Secur’Dose software?

    There are two types of training available.
    In the case of PDA in a health establishment, the training takes place on site.
    In the case of PDA for the home, the training is remote.
    In both cases, the following topics are addressed:

    Prescription management (data input, renewal, modification, importing the prescription…)
    Preparation of pill dispensers and associated functions
    Traceability information and the printing of documents accompanying the pill dispensers.

  • How much does the Secur”Dose software cost and what is the commitment period?

    Secur’Dose is made available. Use of right is granted for one year, renewable, in return for the purchase of consumables.

    During this year, the pharmacist will have free access to Secur’Dose software upgrades and to the Banque de médicaments Claude Bernard upgrades, on which the software is based.

  • As a pharmacist, why would I choose the solution Heb’Dose for PDA?

    It is a way to provide added value to your service and know-how, to make them more visible, and to stand out from your current and future competitors. With PDA Heb’Dose you will strengthen your role of supporting adherence for those with multiple treatments.  You incur no financial risk is choosing this semi-automatic solution, because it does not require an unreasonable investment.  Because the equipment is identical, you satisfy the needs of all your clients whether they be care homes and/or private individuals.  Lastly, PDA Heb’Dose allows you to prepare the future of you pharmacy, by bringing in a new source of income.

  • Does the Heb’Dose solution follow a sustainable development policy?

    Relying on its long experience, Mdose is committed to a virtuous societal approach and seeks to provide medication circuit actors with tools to combat iatrogenic problems. In addition to these social and health aspects, Mdose has chosen an eco-design approach for its product design activity. For this purpose, the Heb’Dose solution products are manufactured entirely in France so as to limit their environmental impact (CO2 emissions). The materials used are recycled or recyclable, wherever the design permits, and their thickness optimized.  Our selected partners follow this same principle.