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PDA Heb’Dose a complete and integrated solution

The nominative Heb’Dose pill dispenser contains 28 “Double cavities” for dividing the medication to be taken throughout each day in accordance with the administration recommendations.

The preparations prepared by the pharmacist shall be stored in a secure cabinet, including the nominative stock.

The Heb’Dose pill dispenser can be separated and detached for each day and each dispensing time. It is therefore adaptable to the administration method of every health establishment: either in a weekly or daily trays.


Why choose PDA Heb’Dose?
  • For secure administration and to ensure compliance with the “5R” rule (Right patient, Right medicine, Right dose, Right way and Right time.
  • For its compatibility with the equipment generally used in institutions, which enables usual working habits to continue while encouraging acceptance of the solution.
  • To save time, concentrate on care and be seen as a structure caring for its patients’ well-being.