Pro domicile

The home care professional

The MBOX, the solution which facilitates your patient monitoring.

You often have to prepare your patients’ pill dispensers and this is time consuming. Traditional pill dispensers are not adapted:

  • Too small to hold all the medicine to be taken at the same time
  • Impossible to transport
  • Not very ergonomic, its opening can cause medication to fall out, the reason for many cases of non-adherence.
  • Difficult to clean, even though this is essential in order to limit cross contamination.

The Mbox is a single use pill dispenser with cups designed for taking medication in a secure manner. The solution is prepared by the dispensing pharmacist, which allows you to optimize your time and secure your administration.

The accompanying therapeutic data sheet, provided by the pharmacist with the Mbox, will give you access, at a glance, to the complete treatment of your patient.  It will serve as a support for the exchange and comprehension of your patient’s treatment, its adherence and side effects which might be experienced.

Why use, with the collaboration of the pharmacist, the MBox ?
  • To work with professional material, originally designed for independent nurses working in care homes
  • To respect the good practices of dispensation
  • To verify, using the treatment summary tables, the information printed on each dose
  • To evaluate the well-being of your patient, through the health indicators he will have filled in on the accompanying sheet, and thus be proactive.
  • To monitor that the medication is correctly taken when you are not present.